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Safety Records

Safety records for Tour Companies can be difficult to obtain on the internet and online information does not provide a complete picture when it comes to safety. 

Consider the following when researching and judging tour companies safety:

  • Issues from test flights without passengers, pilot training flights, routine maintenance flights etc. can be reported 
  • Minor issues can be reported to the National Transportation Safety Board so you need to read the reports carefully and avoid quick judgement by skimming over the list.
  • The records on the NTSB database date back to the 1960's

Grand Canyon Tour Safety?  Search the National Transportion Safety Board Database

STEP 1: go to


STEP 2: Choose aircraft type

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour Safety Ratings Search

STEP 3: Scroll Down to the bottom and add keywords to narrow results and hit "Submit Query"

You can enter "Grand Canyon" or "Las Vegas" or the name of the Company that you want results for

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Safety Ratings Helicopter Companies

STEP 4: Company Names will be in the Right Column Next to each incident

Helicopter Crash Reports for Grand Canyon Tours

STEP 5: Get the Details by reading the Synopsis, Factual Findings and Probable Cause Reports

Grand Canyon Helicopter Safety Records

Who has the Safest Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours?

Overall Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours are very safe as these companies follow strict federal regulations in regards to inspections and maintenance.  The 3 largest tour operators have even set higher standards of maintenance and safety requirements that exceed Federal Regulation Requirements.  We feel Maverick Helicopters should get proper acknowledgement for having ZERO fatal crashes in any helicopter tour carrying passengers. Maverick pays their pilots the highest salaries in the industry and have the strictest pilot requirements in order for a pilot to get a job.

Sundance Helicopters was acquired by Air Methods at the end of 2012, Air Methods is the largest air medical helicopter transportation company in the world and are a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: AIRM).  This acquisition has led to major changes to Sundance on every level including their safety programs.  We have observed no incidences involving passenger flight since the acquisition.